Terms and Conditions

Exclusive Appointment


The Model hereby engages Star Performance Agency on an exclusive basis with immediate effect as the Model’s sole agent.


Star Performance Agency does not accept Models with another agency appointed. 

The Model irrevocably authorises and appoints Star Performance Agency during the term of this agreement to be the Model’s agent and attorney for the purpose of 

  • negotiating, renegotiating, contracting and executing on behalf of the Model all agreements and documents and instruments providing for the Model’s services to the clients
  • collecting and receiving sums payable to the Model, endorsing the Model’s name and depositing in to Star Performance Agency’s account all sums payable to the Model, and retaining all sums owed to Star Performance Agency. 


The Model authorises and directs Star Performance Agency to collect and receive all fees paid for the Model’s Services. 

Start Performance Agency shall be entitled to deduct their fee from the sums collected on behalf of the Model as follows:

  • In respect of International Productions, Films, TV, and large Commercials 22% of the fees paid for the Model’s services;
  • In respect of theatre 12.5% of the fees paid for the Model’s services; and
  • In respect of stills, music videos or online uses 15% of the fees paid for the Model’s services. 

The Model agrees Star Performance Agency shall have no liability in any form in the event that a client fails to pay the Model’s fees to Star Performance Agency. 

All payments made by Star Performance Agency will be paid into the bank account (or savers book in the case of a child) nominated by the Model. 

Change of Appearance

 Please inform Star Performance Agency of any changes i.e. hair cut, styles, colouring, fringe, missing teeth and any new cuts or bruises, as this will affect any potential clients regarding our current model cards. 

Please make sure that you update us with the following every 2 Months of any changes in height/shoe size/clothes size, together with recent photos (made behind a plain background).

Children’s Performance Regulations 1968

Local Boroughs require 21 working days' notice for a license application for a paid role for children under 16 years old, although sometimes this can be quicker.

Please have a copy of their Birth Certificate and Passport at hand, to speed things up when required. This will help the process. 

GDPR Regulations 2018 

The model acknowledges that, in order for Star Performance Agency to act as the Model’s agent under this agreement, Star Performance Agency will need to publicise and share with clients the following information:

  • Identity data such as first name, last name, age, date of birth, height, gender; and

     - Photographs and videos of the Model.


 Lateness/delays for approved casting or shoots can not be tolerated (unless due to unforeseen circumstances) and you make us aware as this will have an adverse effect to Star Performance Agency and their models and can incur a direct charge from clients.

It must be stated that Star Performance Agency are only acting as a manager to the model/actor helping them get assignments as and when possible. 

It is the duty of either the model/actor (if over 18) or the parent/guardian of the model to make sure of you/your child's safety and look after yourself/them during castings/shoots. 

If at any time you or they feel safety is compromised you should withdraw from the casting/shoot and inform Star Performance Agency instantly. 

It is the duty of you or parent/guardian of the model to make sure that you all act courteously and politely when dealing with the clients, so as not to hinder the name of the agency or model in any shape or form. This same stipulation will apply when on any social media sites. 

Any standard rules and regulations that the client provide would need to be adhered to unless you feel that it is inappropriate, in which case Star Performance Agency need to be aware of this immediately. Any breach will result in termination of the contract. 


Please inform us of any Holidays Booked so that we don't submit you during the Holiday period. 

Model Updates 

If you wish to have any pictures taken for your model cards I will be charging £30 for 8 edited images, only for people in the agency. This will be based in Chelmsford, Essex. 


 Please note that there is no guarantee you will be chosen after casting, it will be the client’s choice of whom they choose, so please do not be disheartened if not chosen on this occasion. 

Please note that castings are after school hours, however depending on where you are travelling from you may need to take your child out of school. 

You must be committed to this otherwise this may not be the career for you.

Termination of Contract

 This contract will take effect upon signing and it will run for 12 months. It will automatically be extended for another 12 months. 

The contract can be terminated by either the Model/young adult or Star Performance Agency, this requires an email termination to the relevant parties and will be with immediate effect.

child Performance Licences

Clients are responsible by law to apply for child performance licences for all jobs involving  children of compulsory school age or younger according to the Children's Performance Regulations 1968.

The current time to process a licence application is 21 days notice and it is at the councils discretion to process a licence with less notice.




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